• 建築工人
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  • 屋頂
  • 攤舖機
  • 考古學家
  • 機械師
  • 工廠工人


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A/C Shirt Saves Energy & Money

About 60-70% of a typical energy bill is the cost of air conditioning. An air conditioned cooling shirt can save the majority of this cost while allowing users to experience a mobile climate control experience both indoors and outdoors. For instance, an air conditioned shirt will run for 8.5 hours on 4,400 watts, while your typical air conditioning unit will use .... READ MORE

USB A/C Shirts Review

Our body cooling clothing gives users a personal climate control experience and answers the question with technology of how to prevent heat stroke. With two ultra light, high powered fans that circulate airflow through the apparel and out of the neck and sleeves, the user experiences a feeling of being shirtless as the fabric is pushed away from the body with an inflation effect. Lasting battery life… READ MORE