Air Conditioned Clothes Save Energy & Money


Did you know that air conditioning accounts for 60%-70% of the average home’s energy bill? It’s summer time and everyone is either sweating, or spending a chunk of their money on powering their air conditioning units. But now there is yet another alternative to beat the summer heat: air conditioned clothes.Light Gray Orange Air Conditioned Clothes
An air conditioned clothes are an investment towards mobile comfort and long term cost savings, and they are getting more and more popular not just with construction workers and landscapers.
A central air conditioner uses between 3000 – 5000 watts per hour, which you can check with an energy calculator. With the 4,400 watt battery, these body cooling clothes can go on full blast for 8.5 hours, while being on lower power settings for almost 24 hours. Some people have been taking advantage of this not just for the reason of cooling down and preventing pit stains, but also for the benefit of cost savings. For instance, if you run your air conditioner for 8.5 hours at 3000 watts per hour for 11 cents per kwh, your energy bill will be over $80 USD for the month, and that is on the low end of estimates! Now if you are the average person who needs to air condition at least two rooms in their apartment, you are looking at $160 USD for just one month. Now that makes us feel stuffy. On the other hand, if you localize your air conditioning with an AC shirt, not only are you staying cool no matter where you go in your house, or outside, but you are also saving a bit of cash on your electricity bill! How much are you saving though? Does it really make that much of a difference? We think so.
The above stated figure to run your air conditioning unit in two rooms for 8.5 hours a day for 1 month was about $160 USD, while the cost per 8.5 hours for climate control where ever you go with air conditioned clothing is about 50 cents. This 50 cents is the cost in electricity that is required to charge the battery (from empty to full in just under 2 hours). So if we do the math, 50 cents multiplied by 30 days is a whopping $15 USD of electricity. So you can save $145 USD per month total. That’s a party’s worth of beer. Or a fine dinner for two. Where it really pays off is the fact that if you find yourself working in hot environments, air conditioned clothes are probably right up your alley. You stay cool during the day, and you save money by night. If you are just the type of person who likes to be cool as a cucumber where ever you go, this is probably also for you. Do you think mobile air cooling is right for you? Check out Octocool air conditioned clothes and see what you think!